My XeeMe Story – Social Presence Management at Its Best

XeeMe_LogoToday I want to talk to you about social presence management, and how I started utilising it myself, as well as I use it today. Back in 2010 an online friend from Finland mentioned a link to a site called XeeSM. At this site he listed all links to his profiles on all social media platforms. Great idea I thought, and I registered for my own profile site there (13th March 2010, member no. 32384), not knowing what huge benefits I would gain of it in the future. Today this free social presence management tool is known as XeeMe (pronounced See Me) and has evolved in a great way (more than 1 million members). Instead of mentioning all my other platform links on my profiles I started to promote only my Xeeme-Link, where my entire social presence was listed.

What happened then? Honestly said, not that much. XeeMe was in its Alpha phase back then and I would not come back to my profile until 8th July 2011. An email of Axel Schultze, CEO of XeeMe, informed me that XeeSM was supporting Google+ now. I started to find out more about it. One of the first educational videos I watched about XeeMe was done by XeeMe member Wayne Ulery, the second video was from Mick Say. I sticked to their advice and my great experience with social media presence management and real online networking began. My high quality network increased tremendously. I got from 100 connections on each platform way beyond 1000.

“Management transforms strategy into results. For social media management I recommend XeeMe.”  Roger Koplenig

The social management toolXeeMe_Roger_Koplenig_Dashboard
The great benefit of the tool was not only that I had one place to “store” all my network links, but managing my online contacts across all networks. After a short time I had all the links of important people in my XeeMe address book, called “Focus”. And, that provided me with the opportunity to concentrate my networking efforts on people who were important to me the one or other way. I set up categories and assigned people to it. For instance I still have a category called “Inner Circle” for people I interact with on a daily basis. My online behaviour changed from “network orientated” to “people orientated”. Every time I want to listen what they are interested in at the moment, I am able to go directly to their Facebook, Twitter, or any other profile of their platforms. The good thing about it, you can do that even with several hundred people, you never lose one. With the XeeMe app “Flights!” (Social Engagement Manager) I have built goal orientated groups of people I want to engage with. For example I have one Flight! for all social media strategists I want to be in touch on regular basis.

No management without measuring results! XeeMe provides me with the amount of visits to my profile, the network relevance as well as the social attention I get.

The culture of the XeeMe community
For me the culture of XeeMe is defined by professionalism in social media presence management, as well as social interaction between people around the world, and that there are no strangers at the first place at the XeeMe community. Do not get me wrong, it is not only a network of people hanging around for leisure. There are many business professionals there. The XeePl (that’s how I call our community) are co-laborative, co-creating, and co-buzzing from all over the world. We are supporting each other by recommending one another, sharing our contents and helping out with any question. I have asked a few XeePl how they see the culture of XeeMe. Here is what they said. Daniel Bachmann from Switzerland wrote “I think the culture is diverse, open and integrated.” or Steven Healey from UK mentioned “XeeMe is an inclusive mutually supportive community with a depth of expertise rivaled by very few online networks.”

The relationships at XeeMe
I have found like minded people from Australia to Zimbawe and many of them I call my XeeMe_ntnfriends, even we have not met in real life so far. As I went out with the attitude of finding friends, I was surprised that I got into business relationships after a short time period too. Some of us started to collaborate on a huge project called “Digital Sunrise Europe” and we still work on it. I met Axel Schultze (Founder & CEO of XeeMe), Marita Roebkes (Co-Founder of XeeMe), Olaf Kracht (CEO of OK! Kommunikation), and Florian Gottschall (CEO of Sommerrecords) personally at the exhibition “Internet World” in Munich/Germany. I also managed to get XeePl together with other business people from around the globe and they are currently negotiating business proposals.

Personal branding with XeeMe
Many of the XeeMe Powernetworkers are highly connected, well known and highly XeeMe-Avatarx200influential social media users. Some of them are international renowed social media strategists and consultants. As I got onboard the “XeeMe Social Media Strategists Bus”, many very skilled specialists would get in contact to me. I had not much to do, it simply happened – I got recommended. Today I get found by experts in marketing, advertising, finances, social media and many other functions from all around the globe. The positioning as member of this great network led me to new training and consulting assignments in marketing management and social media management.

If you got interested in social presence management and would also like to be connected to me, follow the link below and sign up for free. I would be happy to introduce you to highly engaged Powernetworkers there.

UPDATE 01.10.2014: XeeMe is now appearoo – see my post about it here.

Connection to Roger Koplenig on XeeMe

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